Good Stuff Happening in the Lab!

Congratulations Jennifer Gregg - on placing second in the SBUR meeting poster session - Jenn's poster was on the mechanism of PSMA-mediated uptake of monoglutamated folates

Congratulations to Allison Atwood, on acceptance of her paper, "Activation of Innate anti-viral immune response genes in symptomatic BPH", in Genes and Immunity.

A BIG thank you to the resident problem solver of the lab, administrative organizer, fixer of broken things, trainer of new people and photographer - Jes Cummings - we appreciate you!
Jessica Cummings, Lab Manager - pictured above with her friend :)

Congrats to Ross (William Green) -- on acceptance into a radiation oncology residency at Hahnemann Hospital in Philly, July 2012 - Ross was a valued member of our lab until he left us for med school !

Fun Lab Pics -- this one is of Santanna, Katy and Jes -- from Summer 2010

Congratulations Laura Dewberry!

Laura trained in our lab as part of the DOD PCRP-funded summer undergraduate research program - it was wonderful to hear that Laura has not only graduated from Tuskegee University with a Bachelors in Biology and Nutritional Science -  On top of that, Laura is now interning at Morehouse University studying Public Health in collaboration with the CDC -- and, on top of that, she is headed to Sydney, Australia in January to study for her PhD in Nutrition!  Way to go Laura!! We couldn't be more proud of you and everything that you have accomplished, and no doubt will achieve in the future!  Don't forget to come back and visit us!!!


Allison Atwood has been training in our lab for less than a year, and has just been awarded her very first grant as principal investigator!  Hopefully this is just the beginning of a career filled with successes! The grant was from the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program, and is entitled "A Potentially Novel Role for Fatty Acid Synthase Isoforms in Prostate Cancer” - the funding rate for these grants was less than 10 percent! this has been a good year for Allison!  congratulations once again!

Congratulations to Allison & Mike!!!
....celebrating real-time PCR efficiencies....

lovely lab ladies getting down!

A big warm welcome to the newest member of the Cummings Clan, Nathaniel Lee, born Sept.1, 2011 -- congrats to Jes and Chris, and to big brother Dom!

CONGRATS to RYAN BURKE in the Bacich lab for his excellent presentation on his summer project, "SNP analysis of folate modulators in prostate cancer" - Ryan will be heading back to Tuskegee for his senior year in the fall - good luck Ryan!  

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**publication alert**

Jeff (right) winning his prize, AUA 2011
SUPER COOL!  ACCOLADES to Jeff Tomaszewski, who unfortunately decided to return to the clinic after his research rotation....for winning FIRST PRIZE for Basic Science Research in the Olympus Prize Essay contest at the annual meeting of the AUA, in Washington DC, May 2011.....good on you Jeff! Jeff won the prize for his paper entitled "Global DNA hypomethylation Marks a Prostate Cancer Field Effect" Way to go, beating the boys with the stones in their pockets!  and congrats on the fellowship at Fox Chase -we expect great things from you, even if you have slid over to the kidney realm of things....

Santanna Small, BSc summa cum laude
AWESOME JOB, Santanna Small, our first graduate of the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program funded Pittsburgh-Tuskegee-Prostate cancer Training Program (PTPTP) -- Santanna just graduated Summa cum laude from Tuskegee University - Santanna will start her first job as a scientist, at UAB in pediatric research!  Congrats Santanna! We expect big things from you!

Katy winning her SBUR travel award in 2008
Katy at her happiest...
a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Katy Sobek, on her successful predoctoral training grant application, entitled "Function and Regulation of the Multidrug Transporter ABCG2 in Androgen-Independent and Docetaxel-Resistant Prostate Cancer", funded Feb 1, 2011- Jan 30, 2013 by the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program -  this funding will allow Katy to study the function of this amazing protein, ABCG2, in aggressive, late-stage prostate cancer - if Katy can prove her hypothesis in the lab, the FDA has already approved drugs that could help patients in the clinic, circumventing docetaxel resistance - GOOD LUCK Katy!