Useful links... NAR database of very useful websites 2012  database of drug sensitivity and gene expression in cancer cell lines  mutation database of cancer cell lines list of antibodies available cheaply via NCI   (uses word clouds)   (gets pdfs)  (text similarities)

antibodies available (hybridoma bank)  uses semantics (context/relationship significance)

and for fun, check out the plagiarism database, and see if you have been plagiarised - entire papers are copied according to this database, all too often (of course its easier to publish if you just copy other people's work)

and finally an online list of multiple useful sites:

**bioinformatic classes etc at the library

**...PHD comic on cancer research....


**up to date info on prostate cancer treatment at the National Cancer Institute Prostate Cancer Page

** If you are a prostate cancer researcher and you haven't spoken for an US TOO! support group, these are the guys that lobby congress to keep funding our research! Do them a favor and call your local chapter and offer to give a seminar - these families are all affected by prostate cancer and they really appreciate hearing about the latest research in the field!  you can find the closest chapter here!

** Get your MOJO on and read this illustrated guide to the epigenetic field:  an introduction to epigenetics for the here