Thursday, May 17, 2012

How YOU can help biomedical research in the U.S.!

OK so for those fellow scientists out there that might read this blog, this is depressing - but we need to think about it is more than likely that due to a failure of congress to agree on the budget, sequestration will kick in in January 2013.  That means if you are lucky enough to have NIH funding, then you will likely suffer a cut of 7.3% of your yearly budget (as prices for everything we use in the lab increase) -- in addition, that will be on top of the already 17% cut from your budget (or more or less, depending on which part of NIH funds you) -- so how do you do the same for less and less each year?  In my lab, we already started making most of our own kits, which takes extra time and has its own risks -- potentially diminishing productivity - but can save a lot of money --  we were able to cut about 20% of overall consumable costs this way, but now we are  at the bare bones level - so if this cut comes in, the logical choice is to cut salaries - and that means jobs.  We are not unique, this is going to affect everyone who is NIH funded, or funded by any other part of government.  Furthermore, Dr. Collins, who is the NIH Director, testified to congress that if the "Budget Control Act" is implemented, then thousands of less grants will be able to be funded.  That's more jobs gone.  But this isn't just about jobs either, its about moving forward with research on cancer treatment and prevention- and every other disease - it's about making sure there is a reason for young people who are interested in science feel that there is a future career in scientific research - What can you do if you care about NIH funded research?  Click on the link below, it will lead you to the American Association for Cancer Research website and from there you can contact your members in congress to let them know, they need to do whatever it takes to prevent forced sequestration - and pass a fair budget now!  Contact Congress now!

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