Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to get your NIHRO1 grant renewed!

Yikes! It's that time again...our once 5 year grant has 2 and a half years to go, time to think about renewal!  What you say? But you're only half-way through - but think about it - the time from submission to actually getting the $ is 9 months!  And that's assuming you get it funded the first time -- and usually, that's not a safe assumption to make, for anyone [OK good on you people who get everything you put in funded, I'm happy for you!] - as we probably are not the only people in this situation, I thought I would post this link to a very helpful website -- the NIH NIAID has a newsletter covering exactly these topics, and let's face it, if anyone is going to provide good advice, it's likely to be the all about it here.

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