Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 SNPs predict prostate cancer mortality

In a nice study published by first authors Dan Lin and Liesel Fitzgerald in CEBP, polymorphisms in 5 genes were identified as being significantly associated with prostate cancer specific mortality - LEPR, CRY1, RNASEL, IL4, and ARVCF -- none of the SNPs interacted -- and none (except RNASEL) has been evaluated for prostate cancer before -- see it for yourself

Genetic Variants in the LEPR, CRY1, RNASEL, IL4, and ARVCF Genes Are Prognostic Markers of Prostate Cancer-Specific Mortality.

Lin DW, Fitzgerald LM, Fu R, Kwon EM, Zheng SL, Kolb S, Wiklund F, Stattin P, Isaacs WB, Xu J, Ostrander EA, Feng Z, Grönberg H, Stanford JL.

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