Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free web-conference on epigenetics

Understanding the Role of Epigenetic Change in Gene Regulation - A Virtual Symposium from BioTechniques October 5, 2011: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EDT

Recently developed technologies and methods are impacting our understanding of the epigenetic code and the role that epigenetic changes play in the regulation of gene expression. This session examines the impact of histone/protein modifications and DNA methylation patterns on gene expression as well as the roles epigenetic modifications play in stem cell and cancer biology.

Keynote Address: • Brian Strahl, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Dr. Strahl will present an overview of the latest research on histone modifications and the role these modifications play in gene regulation, placing this work in context with other recent advances in the field of epigenetics.

Session Speakers:
        • Mitchell Guttmann, Postdoctoral Fellow, Eric Lander Lab, MIT and Broad Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts Dr. Guttmann will discuss recent findings on the roles large non-coding RNAs play in the regulation of gene expression and chromatin structure.
        • Donncha Dunican, Investigator Scientist, MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh, UK Dr. Dunican will discuss new approaches being used for the study of global DNA methylation patterns, chromatin structure, and gene regulation.

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